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  Colosseum is an "educational shooter" that puts you in the middle of the gladiatorial bloodsport of Ancient Rome. You play the role of Gluteus, a thief who finds himself on the wrong side of the emperor. Ignorant of all history and facts, Gluteus must educate himself about his surroundings in order to survive.

Learn about your enemies, their weapons, their origins...and then slaughter them like pigs.

In the interest of shameless self-promotion, I've linked to some feedback about Colosseum 1.0 in the press and on the web:
  PC Gamer Magazine: Mod of the Month
The November 2003 issue of PC Gamer has Colosseum as "Mod of the Month". Many thanks to Chuck Osborn for giving props.
  Raven's Mike Gummelt Gives a Thumbs Up
The great Gameplay Programmer at Raven has some very kind words in his .plan file about Colosseum. Thanks again, Mike.
  Computer Games Magazine
Colosseum just got a nice write-up in the November issue of Computer Games Magazine.
  Lucasfiles: 1st Place Mapping Contest
Lucasfiles ran a Jedi Outcast mod competetion and Colosseum took first place in the "best map" category. Got a copy of JA too.
  Interview on HomeLAN
John Callaham from "The Haven For Serious Gamers" asked me to do a quick interview about Colosseum.
  Interview on Map Review
I have a quick chat with the great Kengo on this definitive source for JKII reviews and news. Thanks, Kengo!
  JK2files.com - File of the Week
Some great feedback from JK2files.com, the hardest working JK2 site out there.
  Massassi Temple - Map of the Week
Some more feedback from one of the finest resources for the Jedi Outcast modding community.
  IGN: Weekly Mod Roundup
Not a huge thing, but I was just psyched to get a mention on IGN. A recommended mod in the IGN weekly feature.
  Gamestar Magazine (German)
These guys dropped me a note saying they would do a little mention of Colosseum in an upcoming issue. More to come.
  PC Gamer UK
PC Gamer UK mentioned that they will highlight Colosseum in an upcoming issue. More details coming soon.
  c't Magazine (German)
This publication recently emailed me that they were going to a brief piece about the Colosseum mod. Stay tuned.

Colosseum Version 2.0 on Indefinite Hold (10/11/03)
Troubleshooting Colosseum Installation (8/6/03)
Version 2.0 with Multiplayer and More (8/6/03)

The Colosseum
Ancient bloodsport in the heart of Rome.
(gtkRadiant, Photoshop, ICARUS scripting)
  Charater: Gluteus Maximus
The reluctant hero of the story.
(3DS Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Deep Paint 3D)
  Character: Thraex
Derived from the armaments of the conquered Thracians.
(3DS Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Deep Paint 3D)
  Character: Retiarius
Does battle with a weighted net and trident.
(3DS Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Deep Paint 3D)
  Character: Legionnaire
The grunt of the great Roman war machine.
(3DS Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Deep Paint 3D)
Dealing death was never this much fun.
(3DS Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Deep Paint 3D)


The Colosseum game is a series of levels that use the Jedi Outcast (modified Quake III engine).  Choose from the following sections to learn more:

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The story behind Colosseum, its tools and technologies and its progress.
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View the characters, environments and story that make up the world of Colosseum.
Links to books and information on game development and Roman history.
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