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All models, architecture, textures, scripts and game assets were created by myself over the course of approximately one year. Following are contributors and resources without which I could not have completed this project. Complete credits for the game are available in the readme file, but I would also like to list these contributors and resources here as well.

Special Thanks

  • Thanks to the modders and mappers at Lucasforums. There is never a question they cannot answer and this project would never have gotten off the ground without their help.
  • A huge special thanks to the beta testers _CKY_, Kengo, Lassev, Lord Glorfindel, Paul, Pete, Scott and Zathu Koon. They provided invaluable feedback for the usability and fun-factor of the level.
  • Big thanks to Leslie Judge for always lending a hand.
  • Don Arday, Chris Jackson and Bob Keough for sticking through the project from start to finish with support, encouragement and valuable feedback.
  • Thanks to Maria for the immediate and essential critiques and for putting up with my countless hours sitting at the computer.

Blood Mod

Sound Effects

  • Some sword sounds graciously provided by Philip Meehan at paintingbynumbers.com
  • Several sword sound effects taken from the excellent swords sounds mod by Sephiroth__VII (with sounds provided by Age120)
  • Several sound effects taken from Microsoft sound library
  • Other sound effects modified from misc files found on the Web and taken from other game asset libraries and movies such as Gladiator and The Scorpion King.


  • Music taken from several sources including the original motion picture soundtracks for Ronin and Gladiator.

Voice Acting

  • Athena voiced by Maria Bairaktari
  • Several audio vocal clips taken from original game


  • The crowd texture was created in Poser with props and clothing provided by Poser World.
  • The current skybox used in the level was found on the web and I cannot track down where I originally found it. Please email me if you are the creator.
  • Eagle graphic from Praetorians by Eidos Interactive
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