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Feedback on Colosseum
Did you love it? Hate it? Email your feedback on Colosseum to jakekeating@hotmail.com with the subject "Website: Colo Feedback" and you will see your comments posted shortly (your email address will not be posted).

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Date Comments
05/29/05 Over two years on and people are still enjoying your creation. A hearty round of applause mate. Hope youre loving your job doing this fulltime and getting what you deserve.

Go raibh mile maith agat

11/26/03 Dear Jake,

Its wonderfully refreshing to see a game in which both entertainment and education are present! Your work, as countless others have already said, is simply amazing! Greatest props to you! If I may, there are a few questions I'd like to ask about the game, however:

1) If the program's ultimate objective is to teach people about the culture and history of a specific era ( and the whole "first person shooter" package is designed to lure and intrigue "students" ), would it be possible to have objects which, if used, could be read for even more information? Could there be some sort of system by which a player would have to answer correctly a series of questions pertaining to the subject matter learned from the objects in order to progress to the next gladiatorial match? Some sort of reward system?

2) Would it be possible to create more weapons which would be available to the player during combat? Could various, selectable forms of armor (helms, sheilds, etc.) be made available as well?

3) Could more levels be created, such that there might exist different arenas in different parts of the empire? (Perhaps tied into learning about the regional culture of ancient Rome)

4) Would it be possible to make the Emperor and maybe the first row of spectators 3D?

Allow me to reiterate: YOUR MOD IS THE BEST JK OUTCAST MOD THERE IS! I can't wait for the next installment to be released! Keep up the excellent work!
Vale et bona fortuna,
11/02/03 Hi,

I played your MOD and must say: WOW - IT's GREAT - but i so short... I hope, you will create version 2.0 (may be longer :).

Sorry for my very poor english but I'm [Jedi] from Czech Rep. :)

Good luck

9/30/03 Hi Jake,

Awesome Mod. The best that I have ever played in Years!!!! Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing Version 2.0 soon. Any idea when this will be released and what it will contain? Once again, awesome work.


9/13/03 Wow! This was the best mod ever. Since Lucas Arts doesn't have Gladius for the PC, Colosseum really hit the spot. I just wish it was a full length game.
9/03/03 Hello there Jake. My name is David McCarthy and ma one
of the staff members for JK.net (formerly JKII.net)
and i just got done playing your excellent Colesseum
Mod and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed.
The amount of thought and detail put into it along
with the education of Roman history was like an
adrenaline rush for me, a history buff. I must also
comment on the spectacular models and textures put
into the game and also the map itself. And Kudos to
the Intro cinematic and scripting provided. Without
it, this would have been just another great mod, but
with everything put together so beautifully, this mod
certainly puts it on top of the pedastel of the
greatest mods for a LucasArts game. And also cheers to
your beta testers, Leslie Judge who I have known on
our LucasForums, and also maria putting up with you on
your computer for countless hours. Her tolerance and
the great feedback from _CKY_ and others made this
also a great game to play with a extremely
well-thought out idea made real. My next question is
what you plan to do next and if I may be of any
assistance to aide you. Again, 5 Stars from this very
satisified Jedi Outcast gamer. Well Done!

JK.Net File/News Master
9/03/03 HI!

There is just two words for this game (Mod) "IT RULES"!!!!!!!!
I been searching for a cool sword game (Mod) for long at last i found one plz make a 2.0 with some other swords, spears and stuff would be awsome =D keep up the good work !
8/19/03 Hi!

I think everybody is pretty much giving you the two thumbs up for your MOD. Incredible work all around!

I certainly hope you can appreciate constructive ideas because here are what I can consider "flaws"...

1- Is it just me or is that Retiarus way too hard? Seriously, I played that part of the battle at least 20 times and he ALWAYS kicks my butt! I don't have problems with any of the other fights so maybe a little tuning down could be made...

2- I don't know if it is possible, but I find that your allies are not really active in the fights. Against the Drucillus brothers, the girl was pretty much following me around and doing mostly nothing. Perhaps it would be possible to make the allies more agressive.

3- I certainly hope you plan on replacing the Tavion and Mon Mothma skin and models with something of your design. Also, maybe you could make variants of the Thraex gladiators (metal armour here, gold/copper armour there) to make individual fights stand out more.

4- And last, a question: why is Gluteus bald?

Thanks again!


[Jake's Note: I agree with pretty much all of JS's comments:

1) Yeah, the Retiarius is a bit hard. I might add difficulty settings in version 2

2) The allies AI needs to be tweaked. I actually found in earlier versions that they helped *too* much, so I had to make them participate even less. Now it's actually worse so it needs to be tweaked again back in the other direction.

3) Agreed with the models. I wanted to use custom models everywhere but I just ran out of time! Again, hopefully for version 2

4) He's bald because I want him to look like a big, fat buttcheek from behind (his name is Gluteus Maximus, after all). No just kidding. I think I was probably subconsciously inspired by the main character from "Hitman" 1 & 2
8/17/03 Outstanding.
You have created the only SP mod for ANY GAME that really made me get involved.
It was awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and hope that you can do more.
I loved Gladiator, I love the history behind the Colosseum and the Gladiators...
The least I can say, is that your talent mustn't go unrecognized.
I'd gladly drop 50 bucks on a commercial game like this...
You're the man Jake. I LOVED Colloseum.

8/15/03 Hi Jake
bla bla bla...........everything the others said................bla bla bla ;-D
Like Chris said on the feedback from 7/29/03 there should be something like a career something like the movie Gladiator but with the difference that you weren't the best legionnaire of the roman forces and that you wont kill the emperor. but you should have the choice flee from the gladiators and be searched but free or become the best Gladiator. And there should be a multiplayer mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
may the forc...swords be with you

8/13/03 hi jake

i just wanted to say what a great mod.
also is there going to some new moves? or maybe some sort of skills instead of force? that would be great
anway keep up the good work.


[Jake's note:I let Johan know that there will probably be quite a few new moves in the next version since it will use the new Jedi Academy engine.]
8/6/03 just got jk2 today, infact i got it just to try this mod out, lol...

anyways, this mod is great, i love it, cant wait for the MP stuff, and cant wait for 2.0

great job, i think i will go play it again. :)

8/2/03 man that is the best sp mod ever!!! how did u make such a great mod!? what programs did u use?

[Jake's note: www.lucasforums.com is the best place to find info for modding Jedi Outcast. Otherwise the links to the left (technology, links and books) point to some resources. Basically gtkRadiant for maps, 3DS Max for models/characters, photoshop, illustrator and deep paint 3D for textures, and after effects for pre-rendered cut-scenes. Hope this helps.]
8/1/03 Jake,

Absolutely brilliant work!

The player can actually form attachments to the characters and with the music it makes for a brilliant environment.

Wonderful work and I eagerly await your further releases!

- ADoomedMarine
7/30/03 Hi jake
I read about the mod on www.avault.com that ravensoft praised you for this and what i've seen on your web site and the the quicktime movs it looks awesome

and hope you get the youre rewards that is due to you this amazing work that youve done

Kind regards from south africa
Maurice Brown
7/29/03 Hi Jake!

I've just played your Colosseum mod and what can I say that hasn't already been said? Wow! I was so sad when it was over...

What I liked best:
- The story elements, dialogues etc.
- The detailed player and enemy models, and the graphics overall
- The trivia

Here are some suggestions for (hopefully) future versions:
- Actual animals to see or even to fight in the colosseum :)
- More weapons/different kind of swords
- And the most important one of course being a full fledged "career" mode: Fighting off invaders (in Africa?), being captured, made a slave, fighting at smaller events first before working your way up to Rome etc. (I can dream, can't I? ;)

I must congratulate you for this achievement. I never thought this time period would make for such a fascinating game, I would buy the full game instantly! Try giving Raven a call :)


[Jake's note: Version "2.0" updates will be available on this site. I'm definitely keeping a running list of all the great suggestions.]
7/29/03 Well done on the mod indeed, I loved it.
7/28/03 Jake,

Having played your Colosseum mod I felt I should take the time to express my delight at such a well crafted and perfectly executed project (I found myself applauding when Gluteus got the girl ;). I sincerely hope that you pursue a career in game design - the industry would be honoured to have you. Good luck, and thanks for a great gaming experience.

Chris, a Rochester NY local
7/27/03 Hi Jake !

Well, I just played your mod, and it's really great ! I think it's the best mod of all ! I hope you work on a new version wich is much bigger... And that's the only 'bad' thing of this mod; it is so short ! Now, keep up the good work and let us 'fans' know when there's a new version :)

Your big ( DUTCH !!! ) fan,
7/26/03 Word up, first things first: this has to be the best SP mod for JO, it looks amazing, the music is fitting, the voices are great for amateur (I assume) voice actors.

I've been reading the other comments at the feedback bit, some made me laugh: "Roman legendaries" (titter), "the way the U looks like a V" (idiot...). Oh, and i'm a big Evil Dead and Army of Darkness fan too.

Reading your site, about all that "I'm trying to make something different" crap, yeah, I've done projects where you just say something to make whatever you want. You see, the little notes where cool, but the player wasn't encouraged to learn or didn't have to if they didn't want to.

The story was cool for the time it fitted in, but there was no backstory or anything. These things would have been cool, but aren't essential.

I have two complaints, however.
1) At the beginning there weas the usual "The Roman Empire spanned across" guff, but the red colouring covered up England as the voice said "reaching the British Isles", then, to my horror, the red covered Scotland.
Just for the record, the Romans never conquered Scotland, they couldn't be bothered, because the mental Scots were too much. So they built Hadrian's Wall, that spanned across the whole of Nothern England, sectioned off Scotland and kept out the Scots. Some of the wall still stands today, I've seen it myself, it's.... boring.
Oh, and The British Isles is a generic term for all of the islands etc. that is in the U.K, so they didn't get all of it.

2) The voices were superb for an unprofessional "product" (I don't know how else to put it).
But there were mutterings of Latin, so why weren't all the voices in Latin (I know that would be silly and hard to achieve, but still, doesn't make much sense). Then there were other accents such as Germanic etc. so why weren't all the voices in Italian accents for Romans.
Which brings me on to my biggest concern, the main character, the hero, has to have an American accent. Why?

Great work.


[Jake's note: glad people are keeping tabs on the historical accuracy of the level. I got a little sloppy in some sections, but I'm glad people are noticing the faults from a historical perspective.

As far as accents go, Roman citizens, soldiers and gladiators were actually a pretty culturally diverse group. They were by no means all Italian. Prisoners of war and conquered cultures were assimilated into the Roman culture and armies. The "American" accent of Gluteus was just a tribute to Kevin Costner's accent prowess in "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" ;)]
7/23/03 Great mod, but please hurry on the MP skins! I think that the Legionary skin (isnt it Legionary instead of Legionnaire?) will be my new full time MP skin.


[Jake's note: MP stuff coming soon...]
7/18/03 Hello Jake, just got done playing your latest work and let me just say this. You alone has brought back my interest/love of playing JO. Your work is amazing to say the least. Cant wait for 2.0?

Any Way, I was wondering if you are going to submit your work to other places. One of my favorite JK2 sites would love to have you mod submitted. I know it would get rave reviews and definatly get your name and your god-like talent out there to be known.

Just a thought...

Your biggest fan,


[Jake's note: Van ended up writing to jk2files to try to get my level posted...thanks again, Van!]

7/16/03 Hi, i just got done playing yur mod today and I gotta say there is only 2 words to decribe it........."The Best" lol. Simply amazing, the sound of the crowd and swords clashing to the detail of the arena and the skins really showed the amount of hard work put into this. I recommend this mod as a must have!!!! If your coming out with any updates, I am definetly going to download them despite of file size. Great work!!!!

7/15/03 Hey there,

First off, that is probably the best TC I have ever played. Yeah, it was short and sweet, but it was perfect to every detail minus the U in coloseum looked like a V and the Bacta tanks being loaves of bread. The reason I am getting so nit picky about faults is because, there are seldom in this mod!

But I was just curious if you ever played this game back in the Win 3.1 days called Hellcab. The beginning of the TC seemed to remind me a lot of that game, as in one point you travel back into time to fight in the Coloseum.

Great TC, best I have ever played. Never thought I would have so much fun in Jedi Outcast without the lightsaber. Great ending too, reminded me of Army of Darkness. I also loved the Galdiator music you through in at the end. I was pumped during the last battle against the Roman legendaries.

Please reply if Hellcab did influence you in any way... thank you,


[Jake's note: as I told Chris, I never tried Hellcab, but now I'm curious to track it down and play it. Big Army of Darkness fan as well.]
7/15/03 Jake, Congratualtions on your Colosseum mod. It is GREAT!!! Thanks for all your hard work, I really enjoyed it. I will be watching out for something new from you!
7/11/03 Hi I just want to say you are so Amazing and Genius !
I enjoyed your SP Mod Colosseum ; )
Story and Model is so nice
are you going to make model for MP too ? I really want to play
at MP too ; ) please make for us thank you
buffy the your mod big fan !

[Jake's note: as I told Buffy, I'm going to make an MP version of Colosseum (probably a Duel map, etc), but it may be a while yet before it's released.]
7/11/03 Hey love the game, i wish it didn't end were it did but great job. Just wondering if you were going to make the weapons and skins from Colosseum avalible to download off your site?

thanks for your time

[Jake's note: Once I finish with the SP campaign (there are still two levels to go) and once I release the MP version, I will probably release an "Ancient Rome Pack" or something with all the models and textures for people to mess around with) Keep checking back for updates.]
7/2/03 Dang, man, that is the best mod I've ever seen. If you put some more levels with it, it'd easily be a stand alone game. Major props to you!

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