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Raven's Mike Gummelt Gives a Thumbs Up

Mike Gummelt, Gameplay Programmer at Raven Software, recently sent an email congratulating me on the Colosseum mod. He later went on to discuss Colosseum in his latest .plan file, which is reproduced here and can also be found at Webdog. Thanks, Mike!

Name: Mike Gummelt
Email: mgummelt@ravensoft.com
Description: Programmer
Project: Jedi Academy
Well, it's been a long time since I've updated my .plan file, but
I have a good reason. I just downloaded and played the "Colosseum"
mod (by Jake Keating) for Jedi Knight II and, I have to say, it kicks
ASS! This is the best, most polished mod I've ever seen for one of
our games!

I am thoroughly impressed! The mod shows not only an impressive
understanding of multiple and diverse systems in the game (the UI,
the sabers, scripting, in-game cinematics, pre-rendered cinematics,
music, mapping, modelling, texturing, effects, sounds, etc., etc.)
but also a real "director's eye" for creating a compelling story
within the context of exciting and fun gameplay... not to mention
presenting the entire package in a slick, professional style!
And I love the educational aspect of it, too!

If you have JK2, I highly recommend downloading this mod and checking
it out. You can find it on the Jedi Knight II community sites, or
just download it with this link from jk2files.com:


Also, Jake Keating's website is: http://www.jakekeating.com

I hope Jake continues to mod (or get a job in "the biz") because he
really seems to have an obvious talent for making games!

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